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Free September Calendar Wallpaper: Bean Hollow

Bean Hollow is a rocky beach on the California coast near Pescadero.  It’s an awesome place for climbing on rocks and checking out tidepools that isn’t overrun with people.  We didn’t post a new wallpaper last month, because we were too busy going to beaches like this along Highway 1, so we thought we would… (read more)

Free June Calendar Wallpaper: Spacecat!

I was working on an esoteric website design when I stumbled across this awesome cat.  So, obviously we needed to put this cat in space, right?  Am I right? This wallpaper has a little bit of everything for texture lovers, sci-fi geeks and fans of surrealism.  But the star of the wallpaper is, of course,… (read more)

Free Calendar Wallpaper: May Flowers

The weather here in Salt Lake City has been a little crazy.  We’ll have sun for a few days, then — suddenly — it snows.  In the morning, the snow from the previous night melts slowly off the new flowers as the birds sing and make nests in the trees.  In short, it’s Spring.  And… (read more)

Free April Calendar Wallpaper: Look to the Sky

This is a grungy spring wallpaper to warm your monitor on rainy days.  The bright oranges, yellows and blues provide an interesting counterpoint to the grungy textures and typography.  Our April 2011 wallpaper is ready for your standard or widescreen monitor, iPad and iPhone and includes the following resolutions: Standard 1600×1200 1280×960 1024×768 Widescreen 1920×1200… (read more)

A bit of luck

I have a hard time looking at this Blogger template (or the title anyway) and not singing “with a little bit of luck, we can make it through the night” to myself.  While old UK Garage dance club anthems aren’t exactly the subject of this Blogger template, it’s not that far off, either. Far from… (read more)

Free February Calendar Wallpaper: call me when you’re ready to…

This month’s calendar wallpaper is my favorite in a while.  It combines grungy textures, a photo negative look, and a mysterious figure in the foreground that creates a narrative within the image.  It comes in calendar and non-calendar versions in all your favorite sizes for full screen & wide screen monitors, iPhone, iPad and Twitter…. (read more)

Ancient Seas

Ancient Seas gives your blog a nautical feeling of exploration and discovery.  The rich, textured brown in the background is graced by a variety of sea creatures hidden just under the surface.  Warm oranges and yellows give the theme a vintage demeanor suitable for your most treasured writings. If you like Ancient Seas, you might… (read more)

Birds in Blue

Birds in Blue is a Blogger template with an ancient and rustic flavor.  The gently textured background is joined by an aged flock of birds to give your blog an unique flair.  Vibrant colors for the text and links make sure your posts are easy to read, and the title is rendered in the beautiful… (read more)

Free Texture Pack: Grunge

There are a lot of grunge texture packs.  And there are a lot of ways of creating grunge textures.  That’s why our Grunge texture pack includes 22 unique grunge textures, from light experiments to dirty windows, shadows, spiderwebs and paint drips. All our textures are released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Share-Alike license. Click… (read more)

Free October Calendar Wallpaper: Good Morning

This month’s wallpaper comes out of a long-exposure shot I took sometime in the pre-dawn hours a couple months ago.  As I was staring at my computer screen  at more or less the same time, it seemed an appropriate start for a new wallpaper.  The zip file includes high quality widescreen, standard screen, iPhone and… (read more)