The Scrapbook theme is for those who love the warmth and energy of handmade things.  I have always believed that a design is more beautiful when it shows a bit of the creative process.  Our world is filled with amazing textures, colors, raw edges, spills and beautiful accidents.  Scrapbook brings a little bit of the handmade, haphazard beauty to the screen too often dominated by the aesthetics of machines.  It incorporates lively background textures of patterns and paints with papers to hold your words.  Scrapbook Summer is a celebration of color, while Scrapbook Winter delves deep into rich red hues and resonates there.  If you have a website with personality, this theme will allow it to shine.

Scrapbook has a lot of features under the hood, too, like a fully widgetized sidebar and footer.  There’s optional social networking links and Twitter integration, and built-in Twitter hovercards and sharing links on posts.  We’ve integrated formalizeCSS to beautify the boring form fields, dropdowns and buttons and give them a standardized appearance across all browsers.  We also added a shortcode that lets you integrate fancy text into your posts and pages simply by wrapping your desired content in [fancy] tags.

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Posted in Museum Themes on 1 December 2010
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2 Responses to “Scrapbook”

  1. Denis says:

    Does it support the CYRILLIC font?

    • jazzs3quence says:

      Not with the embedded webfonts the theme uses. The embedded webfonts have been limited to latin characters to reduce the filesize, but I'm not 100% sure that all of the fonts would support Cyrillic characters even if that wasn't the case. The fonts in use are Museo Sans (for the body copy), Almagro (for the nav links), Unnamed Melody (for the sidebar titles, post titles and links), and Margarosa (for the site name and tagline) if you want to look up those fonts for the full character maps. That said, you could remove the line to call those fonts in the header.php and use the default fallback fonts (or any other fonts of your choice) to support Cyrillic characters.

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