Grid is a theme I started working on for my own site and decided to make it available as a free theme.  I wanted a dark theme this time around, and I wanted to play with the idea of having a grid background like Justin Tadlock‘s site and the optional grid.png background image you get when you’re working in the blueprintCSS framework.  I also wanted to play around with layering text on top of itself in a way that partially obscures the content.  As such, this theme isn’t for everyone, but I’m pretty ecstatic about it.  Grid uses a variable-width layout, so it’s always taking up the full screen no matter what resolution you are using.  It has support for Asides, 4 widget areas in the footer and one in the sidebar, optional left/right sidebar and full posts/post excerpts on the blog page, and built-in Twitter hovercards.

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Posted in Free Themes on 14 December 2010
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4 Responses to “Grid”

  1. Sander says:

    I would love to use this theme on a website I'm building for dutch musicians. It will be used on (a musician) and it's sub-websites (a singer) (a female singer) (somebody playing a snare-instrument) (sombody playing a 'blowing'-instrument) (a guitar player) (a base guitar player) and

    But the download button no longer works. Is there another place or way to download this theme?

    Kind regards,

    Sander Wit. (Netherlands)

    • jazzs3quence says:

      Sorry about that. I've been moving files around and must've missed that. Try the link now. We're working on a revised version that we're planning on submitting to the official WordPress themes repository, so hopefully in the near future there will be a stable repository with updates and everything.

      • Sander says:

        Thanks for the headsup and fixing the link! Its a great theme and hope it will be successful in the official repository!
        I've installed it on but I think I have to tweak with the settings a little to get it look a bit better. But I have to go and get some sleep now :).
        Thanks again. I'll credit you for this theme on the website.

  2. Led says:

    i will try this out on my website . .thank you for posting it:)

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