1. Can I customize the navigation links/add a link to a specific category/add an off-site link to the navigation?

Yes! We've integrated WordPress 3.0's custom menu feature to give full control over your navigation menus.

2. Do any Museum Themes use the custom header or background features in WordPress 3.0?

Not yet, but Museum zine and Museum One both have backgrounds you can customize in the Theme Options page.  And our free theme, Color Garden, offers both.

3. How do I use my promo code?

You will see a box during checkout that says "Coupon number". Slap your promo code in there and hit "Update" to apply your discount. Only one promo per order (sorry) and promo codes are subject to exceptions.

4. My site is broken/all white/not displaying correctly after activating the theme!

All of our Museum Themes have several "skins" that call different stylesheets to display the site.  Refer to the included readme.html file in your zip file for installation instructions.  After you activate the theme you need to visit the theme options page under Appearance.  There's also a reminder that will appear on your Dashboard telling you to update the theme options.

5. I'm using Studiograsshopper's Dynamic Content Gallery on Museum zine but I don't see anything.

In 1.1 we commented out the call to DCG.  All you need to do to turn it on is open index.php and change

/* if (function_exists ('dynamic_content_gallery')){
}; */


 if (function_exists ('dynamic_content_gallery')){

around lines 17-19.

6. The zip file I downloaded was incomplete/corrupted/wouldn't open.

This can happen if your download or your internet connection was interrupted for some reason.  We're working on providing a more stable environment for hosting files securely.  No worries, though, just send us an email via our contact form and we'll send you the file.

7. I modified the files in my theme but I want to upgrade to the most current version of the theme.  How do I do this?

The best way to make changes to your theme and be able to keep your theme updated is to use a child theme. Take a look at our wiki article on creating a child theme.

8. I have another question not covered here.

Ask in our support forums!

9. Are you going to organize this F.A.Q. better at some point?


Last updated 2/3/2011